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Our main objective is to be a part of ensuring that all Nations will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ (Mt. 24:14), as soon as possible. This we do by training and sending out indigenous missionaries.

We seek, evaluate, train, equip and assist in sending Indigenous missionaries into remote communities where, as far as we know, the "gospel" has yet not been preached.

By encouraging these missionaries to minister socially to the people, we help open the doors for the gospel as well. We do this in conjunction with like-minded Christians, united in the doctrine of "justification by faith alone".

We also engage in a variety of social issues. Such as disaster relief aid, classes on literacy, health and hygiene, etc., utilizing materiel from different sources, and funded by individuals, churches or private foundations. Air transportation is just one part of this corporation.

Some may wonder, “why do we need to train people to go out as missionaries if the people groups already have the Scriptures in their own language?” Here is one important reason:

The Indigenous cultures of the Americas, and especially in South America, are basically "oral cultures". That means that verbal communication, teaching, learning, etc., is done mainly by speaking and listening. This is in spite of that some of these peoples groups may be readers. A linguist/translator recently wrote:

"The New Testament was printed and distributed to all the villages, but since the (Tribes) are oral cultures, meaning even though there are many readers, they prefer the spoken message rather than written, we need to make it available for them in audio form."

Consequently, if you want to communicate some truth or fact that is important enough for these cultures to comprehend well, you must do it verbally, audible. The written information is essential in order for "the speaker" to adhere to the facts as he or she tries to teach or preach. Jesus said: "Go out in all the world and preach the gospel" (Matthew 28).

It is not enough then to communicate the message/information solely by written, or even recorded in audible form, because there will always arise questions amongst the recipients, the audience, and verbal answers and guidance is a must to ensure understanding of the truth that matters for life or death eternal. For the continuation it is imperative that the group have written instructions (such as the Bible).

This is why we are involved to assist the Indigenous folks as they communicate verbally to their own ethnic families. 


We aim for the goal, written in Mat. 24:14, where Jesus said: "This gospel will first be preached to all Nations, then the end will come".

The word "Nations", used by Jesus, includes all ethno linguistic groups, thus about 150 Nations in South America are still (2013) waiting to hear the gospel of Jesus.

It is our aim then, that by networking, as guided by the Holy Spirit, all Nations will very soon hear that, "God has already reconciled the world to Himself" (2 Cor.5:18).










r and b

Roland and Barbro Silen were born, raised and educated in Sweden. Early on they both felt the Lord's calling to the mission field. Roland graduated in civil engineering and Barbro became a R.N. They married and Camilla was born and then Peter came along as #2. When Peter was 3 weeks old the family was sent to East Africa where dad was in charge of a mission project. A church was later planted in Kenya where Roland's interpreter became the first indigenous pastor. While there, they realized that many a people/nation had never heard the gospel and started to search for a mission that targeted the Un-reached. Joakim was born in 1968 and a few years later they joined Wycliffe/JAARS and were sent to Colombia, S.A., where they served for 15 years, Roland as a pilot and Barbro as a nurse. In 1989 Mercy Air was founded and for the last 25 plus years the Silens have served the Lord in being a part of helping to reach the Un-reached Nations, or Ethnos by the training and sending out indigenous missionaries to "make disciples of all nations".








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